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Now that the fall season is just around the corner, it's more important than ever to start thinking like a bear.  Bears are trying to put on as much weight as possible in preparation for winter.  That means we must be extra vigilant about preventing bears from getting foods that aren't a part of their natural diet.

Most wild animals have a fear of humans and when given the chance, do their best to avoid us.  During times of drought or when natural foods fail due to drought or a late season freeze, bears often let their need for food override their desire to avoid humans.  Similarly, mountain lions will follow prey animals into residential areas when people have been feeding wildlife such as deer and birds.   Unfortunately this creates a dangerous situation for the animals, and for us.

Doing a few important things like securing your garbage in bear-resistant cans and securing chickens and other barnyard animals with electric fencing will help keep you and your family safe and prevent the needless deaths of wildlife.

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Want to learn more about bear-proofing your property?  Going on a hike in Yosemite National Park and need information about avoiding conflicts with mountain lions?  Check out the Living with Predators Resource Guides for lots of tips about avoiding conflicts with predators.

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